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Sims MP3 How To Guide!

brought to you by Doctor FrankenSim

I. - Opening Comments
II. - Getting Started
III. - The Sound Format
IV. - Master Music Layout
V. - Adding & Removing Sounds
VI. - Downloadable MP3's From The Doctor
VII. - Legal Disclaimer
VIII. - Contact Information

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These customizations are not intended to remove credit from the
Sims game or in any way deface or blemish the great work of the
Maxis team. The game they have created is a customizer's dream.
They are simply an attempt to personalize the game to a greater
extent than just rudimentary skinning.

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The ability to replace the default music in the game is as important to me as changing the skins. If you spend a lot of time in the game, it's probably important to you also. MP3's are available from many sources. There is a lot of controversy over the legal issues of MP3's; but that's another subject.

Probably the best source for MP3's is MP3.COM. After finishing here, click HERE to visit this site through my stepsons page. You can then access other areas (including thousands of other artists) through his page. They have a diverse selection of freely disseminated music to choose from.

Another source is your own CD collection. There are several programs out there that will allow you to "Rip" music from your own CD's and save them as MP3's. Either way, the default music (while entertaining at first) can get quite nerve-rattling after the umteenth listen. let's change all that.

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Fortunately, the game is very forgiving with regard to the format of the MP3's you use. While MP3's can be saved in various levels of quality, the game does not seem to care which format you use. As long as the MP3's are playable on any third party player (such as WinAmp), then the game should recognize them.

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IV. - MASTER Music Layout

There are two separate categories of music you can change, as follows:

Support Music

Support music is used by the game while you are creating or modifying the game. This music is probably the most nerve-racking since it plays constantly while you are building and/or furnishing your houses (unless you disable the sound or turn down your speakers). This category is broken down into the following sub-groups:

  • Build - This is the music that plays during house construction and landscaping.
  • Buy - This is the music that is playing during purchasing and furnishing objects for your house.
  • NHood - This is the music that plays in the main neighborhood screen (for foreign versions of the game).
  • NhoodUS - This is the music that plays in the main neighborhood screen (for United States versions of the game).

Sim Radio and Stereo Music

radio and Stereo music is used by the game while you are actually playing the game, when a Sim turns on a Radio or Stereo. This music is broken into four categories. These category names can not be changed, but that does not mean you have to use that type of music that each category name implies. I will tell you how I fill each category, but you can place items any way you see fit. This category is broken down into the following sub-groups:

  • Classica - I fill with a mix of Classical, New Age, and Ambient.
  • Country - I fill with a mix of Easy Listening, Jazz, and R&B.
  • Latin - I fill with a mix of Dance, Club, and Techno.
  • Rock - I fill with a mix of Rock, Hardcore, and Funk.

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The music files (MP3's) need to be properly placed in the Sims game directory if they are going to be recognized by the game. The game should already have the necessary folders in place. They will be empty, by default, since the game reads the default music directly from the CD. You simply have to fill these folders with the music you want to add. The game will then read from these folders instead of pulling the music off from the CD.

The location of these folders (for default installations) is as such:

    For Support Music

  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Build
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Buy
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Nhood
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\NhoodUS

    For Sim Radio and Stereo Music

  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Classica
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Country
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Latin
  • C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Modes\Rock

    To add music, simply copy the MP3's you want to use into the applicable folders (Above). The game should then recognize them during game play.

    To remove sounds, move them out of the applicable folders. The game should return to using the original music files from the CD.

    It's that simple!

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    VI. - DOWNLOADABLE MP3's From The Doctor

    Besides web design and Sim related stuff, I also record music. I have created a couple of MP3's based on "Sim-Speak" on my Step-Son's MP3.Com page.. These are titled:

      Simple Sample Loopy Boop 1 (Sunday Brunch with the Sim Ladies)
      Simple Sample Loopy Boop 2
      (Sim Kids on Dope!)

    Besides these two pieces, I have several others music numbers that you may enjoy hearing. These are titled:

      She Came First (A somber tune about one man's conflict between two women. One from reality and other, a fantasy)
      Copley Square
      (Influenced by many enjoyable afternoons listening to street performances in Boston)
      Jass Draft #1 (Music to Pole-Dance by... ...'nough said!)
      Can You Feel It (Because this piece just makes you want to...)

    To visit this page, Click on the link below:

    Then look for the following icon:

    If you like what you hear, you can download them and add them to The Sims so that they will play during the game. I'm a little nervous (self-conscious) about these pieces. Please visit this section and let me know what you think (good or bad). I really need your input!

    While you are there, you should listen to my Stepson's pieces!

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    I hope everyone has fun with this information. But please understand
    this; changing or altering the default layout of any program can cause
    unfavorable results. I am not responsible for any actions you choose
    to take. If anything you do results in damage files or data loss, it
    is your doing. The information presented in this document has been
    tested by myself and shown to work without any noticeable negative
    results. May your god, go with you!

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    Doctor FrankenSim
    "Now this won't hurt a bit!"

    Comments And Feedback Welcome.

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